Freedom for Girls heads to Kilifi County!!

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The FFG Field Office provides a health education session.

When the Kilifi Rotary Club President first contacted us last year regarding the FFG sanitary towel project, the breathless anticipation of a new partnership was undeniable!

Working with the Rotary Club of Aylsham – UK, the Rotary Club of Kilifi joined forces with HEART’s FFG to launch the project in Matsangoi Primary School on 31 January, distributing 140 packets of sanitary towels to the girls.

Attended by dignitaries from the Kilifi Ministry of Education, as well as Kenyan, American and British Rotarians, the event was an outstanding success. Following a great health education session from the FFG Field Officer – Ms. Lydiah Njoroge, the girls (aged 9-15) were really excited that they are now able to stay in school during “that time of the month”. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

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About Kilifi County…

Kilifi is located north and northeast of Mombasa. There are 160 primary school serving 154,484 pupils. 68% of population lives below poverty line and as a result many parents are unable to meet the expense of sanitary towels for their girls.