Each intern accomplishes a project based on HEART’s current needs and the skills and interests of the intern. In the past, interns have worked with the WEEP (Women’s Equality Empowerment Project) women on developing long-term business plans, made a presentation to be used for HEART fundraising for the Freedom for Girls Project, designed and authored newsletters for HEART’s three main projects (Women’s Equality Empowerment Project, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and Freedom for Girls), and organized a large youth event.

Interns have interests ranging from intercultural studies to business and marketing. Whether your passion is medicine or photography, there is a place in the HEART internship program for you.

In addition to an individual project, interns have the privilege of taking part in many of HEART’s projects. Sometimes this includes travel to various upcountry locations in Kenya, various slums, safari, and maybe even Mombasa. Interns often help with health education seminars in schools both upcountry and in slums, as well as help with basic office organization around the HEART Lodge in Nairobi.

HEART longs to see interns grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, through experiences and in character during his or her time in Kenya, so we provide various opportunities for growth in all areas. We keep our interns busy with work (and fun!), so join us and expect a memorable stay in Kenya!

Expectations of the HEART Internship

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If you’re interested in interning at HEART, please contact Betsy Gunther to receive the necessary paperwork. The deadline for internship application is March 1st. Candidates will be notified by March 15th of acceptance. Fee $1500/Month, plus Safari.


My name is Ruthie Painter and I am a sophomore in college at a community college in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have yet to specify my degree, but I know that God will guide me. Part of the reason I came to intern with HEART was to get a better understanding of what God is leading me towards. God reveals to us slowly but surely what his calling is for our lives and I am thankful to be learning so much while I am here for 2 months. I still don’t know specifically all the details of what my college career will look like, but isn’t that all a part of the adventure God takes us on? Whatever degree I achieve I know it will somehow tie into mission work!

I have always had a huge heart for Africa and from a very little age God told me I would come to serve the people here, but I didn’t know where in Africa I would go. Now that I am here for the first time I know it was Kenya all along. I love missions and spreading Jesus’ love and freedom to the nations and I am so thankful to be here partnering with HEART. I absolutely love being out in the field, traveling to the slums to meet new women and many new smiling faces, playing with the precious babies and children, talking with the school girls and boys, discovering new characteristics of God (HEART Lodge helps with this) and all his unique ways of teaching us lessons, and becoming extremely close with the Kenyan culture. My heart and soul is so on fire when I am out there loving the beautiful people of Kenya. I feel so at home here and I know that is because God intended for me to here in this exact moment all along. Kenya and HEART has become my second home and I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this remarkable organization. Despite my skin color and American spirit, my heart is Kenyan. I get along so well with the warm and inviting culture that I am surrounded by. The memories I made and the knowledge I have obtained is what I will always hold onto. I will be back for more!