Green house farming improving women’s livelihoods

“Food security, nutrition support and economic strengthening among vulnerable groups are a reality! Just bring all parties on board, give opportunity to the vulnerable, walk together in the journey, provide the environment conducive for thriving and watch the results. Amazing! Isn’t it?”

Evans Masese

Riombasa Widows Self-help Group based in Kisii County ventured into greenhouse and fishing farming with the aim of supporting 15 caregivers and 20 orphans defying common misconceptions of farming in Kenya.

Initially, the women began farming bananas and maize in their shambas (open fields). Unfortunately they recorded very low yields as a result of harsh climatic conditions, pests and diseases.

HEART’s intervention

It was at that point that HEART introduced them to the greenhouse farming concept. With the agronomy support from HEART, they planted tomatoes that did very well.

A total of Ksh. 83,000(USD 1,000) was made from just selling the tomatoes!

These widows are not only enhancing their nutritional status and improving their family livelihoods; they are also contributing to the national food security.

Shelter Support from tomato sales

In Kisii, it is a taboo for a mother to sleep with her sons in the same room. One of the caregivers – Teresia Obebo and her 4 children were the case in point of this unthinkable act as she was living in a one roomed house with her 3 sons and daughter.

However, thanks to Riombasa Widow Self-help Group who through the returns from tomato sales built her and her children a 4 roomed house in January 2015.

These widows are now SET! They are Stabilized, Empowered and now Thriving!