Wheel_Black_PPT800_02-04-13The HEART Wheel is a visual overview of the many different projects and ministries of HEART. The outer wheel is the HEART teams that keep us moving and the Chambers of the HEART represents the governance and accountability of all donations (keeps the blood pumping into the projects). The spokes of the wheel emanate from the central vision. All the projects are interrelated and reinforce one another. The girls receiving Education support and Mentoring also receive the Freedom for Girls packets; the WEEP participants make the uniforms for the children; and the wells we are providing for clean water are in the  communities we serve. The inner wheel identifies our donors and partners.

These are our projects:

The Kids for School Project provides female breeding goats and uniforms to orphans and vulnerable children throughout rural Kenya.

Our WEEP centers provide women with medical care and jobs. Our goal is to keep mothers alive, healthy, and self-sustaining so they can raise their own children. This is what we call “orphan prevention.

We provide school girls with a year’s supply of sanitary towels and 4 pair of underwear so they don’t have to miss school because of their monthly cycle.

We are building greenhouses all over Kenya, which provide food and economic empowerment to impoverished communities. These food supplies keep people alive during times of drought and famine.