HEART works very closely with the children of those involved in all of the adult based programs. In a variety of settings, children between the ages of 3-11 are taught basic health such as tooth brushing and hand washing as well as biblical teaching. Sexual abuse is common in Kenya. Because of this, HEART teaches abuse awareness and prevention and encourages self-worth among the children.

Project Successes

Children are the hope and future of Kenya. As this program continues to build strong foundations in the children’s lives, their place as a valuable part of the community will be seen in the years to come. Children involved with their adult guardians in HEART programs continue to show improvement in their class performance.

Opportunities to support Children’s Ministry

If you have a passion for teaching children, come to Kenya and join us! If you cannot join us, but agree that children are the future foundation for Kenya, any gift toward this ministry would enable HEART to continue reaching children.

  • Buy teaching supplies: $25.00
  • Sponsor teaching events: $50.00
  • Buy lunch for children: $75.00