Freedom for Girls Project

Helping girls stay in school by providing sanitary towels

According to statistics, many girls lose 4 to 5 days of school every month during menstruation; this is approximately 39 days of learning each year. That’s a lot of school missed! If not for this project’s assistance, thousands of these girls would be absent from school due to lack of protection during their monthly cycle.

Freedom for Girls (FFG) is a sanitary towel project that was initiated in 2006 by Rotary District 9212 and Lions Multiple District 411A (both worldwide organizations of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian services on voluntary and philanthropic basis.) In 2008, Health Education Africa Resource Team (HEART) came in as the implementing partner.  Our objective is to ensure vulnerable adolescent school-going girls are provided with a year’s supply of sanitary towels.

The package includes:  12 packets of Sanitary Towels (non reusable) to last a whole year, 4 pairs of underwear (this enhances personal hygiene and complementary use of sanitary towels) and a health information manual (that contains answers to frequently asked questions by teenage girls: what is monthly cycle, PMS, what helps with PMS, and good hygiene.)

As at end of June 2020, 262,417 girls have benefitted from this project since 2008 in various counties of Kenya! With this assistance, girls have remained in school for a whole year, thus

reducing abseentism, improving academic performance and personal hygiene.

This project has been made possible by the contributions of various donors and partners in

Numerous ways:

  • Prime Bank Ltd
  • Elgon Kenya Ltd
  • Doshi Enterprises.
  • Beverly Flower Farm
  • Various Rotary clubs in Kenya and in the US
  • Procter and Gamble (P&G)
  • Pelican Signs
  • Individual donors in Kenya
  • Individual donors in the US

Were it not for these donations and contributions, the recovery of cost for the year supply of sanitary towels, undergarments and health education pamphlets would not been the same as it is today at Ksh 650(USD 6.50)!

Education is a girl’s greatest hope for a better future and FFG is keeping these girls in school all year round!


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