The Kids for School Project, more affectionately referred to as Goats and Uniforms, provides female breeding goats and uniforms to orphans and vulnerable children throughout rural Kenya. Although primary education is free in Kenya, many orphaned children, generally raised by an elderly grandmother, never have the opportunity to attend school because they cannot afford a school uniform.

In addition to a complete uniform, the child is also given a milking goat purchased from local Kenyan sources. The milking goat provides the orphan’s guardian family added nutrition, and the child is taught goat husbandry.  Through this provision, the child brings an asset to the guardian family rather than an added burden. The cycle continues when the first kid goat is passed on by community designated leaders to another orphan who is also given a uniform and a chance at an education. The goal is that each child has a small herd of goats by eighth grade. This herd then provides the income necessary for secondary education or the means to begin an adult life.

Project Successes

1,725 children are receiving direct services and 3,450 within the household are receiving secondary services

Opportunities to Make a Difference

•  Buy 1 goat and 1 uniform for a child:  $70.00

•  Build a house and pit latrine:  $1,000.00

•  Sponsor a secondary school student for 1 year:  $480.00

Kids for School

Goats and Uniforms