The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) works with youth throughout Kenya via seminars, rallies, and activities. The program allows youth to openly discuss issues related to sexuality, substance use, and the impact of the many choices they will be asked to make. Often, youth in Kenya do not have access to accurate information about disease and the impact of individual behavior on the spread of disease.

YEP operates a Purity Project, in which a Kenyan youth and an American youth are united in a covenant for purity, connecting continents as they share this link of concern and care. Through events and rallies, many youth are able to discuss topics that their culture has never before allowed. These events are held in schools, villages and slums where we find youth who are hungry for truth and an understanding of their options.

Program Successes

HEART has had many youth approach us weeks and months after going through one of our Purity Projects and share how the teaching has changed and influenced their lives. Youth who were once promiscuous and leading a high risk life have decided to make a difference in not only their life, but in the future of Kenya as they make a pledge to remain sexually pure until marriage.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

If you have a passion for teaching youth, come to Kenya and join us! If you cannot join us, but empowering youth to make right choices is an integral part of your message and ministry, any gift towards this goal would enable HEART to continue reaching multitudes of Kenyan youth.

  • Buy 1 soccer ball:  $15.00
  • Buy 1 volleyball and 1 net:  $40.00
  • Sponsor a youth event:  $50.00