US Medical Consultant, Infectious Disease/AIDS Specialist

Dr. Flynn has spent more than 24 years assisting, directing, teaching and promoting AIDS education with a long list of accomplishments, including Medical Director of the Center for AIDS Research, Education and Services (1989-1994). As a professor of clinical medicine, internal medicine and infectious disease at the University of California at Davis, Dr. Davis says he was “hooked” on HEART after his first trip to Kenya with Vickie Winkler. “The experience has changed my career course, and I look forward to complementing and assisting in HEART’s growth scope of work for many years to come.”


Biomedical Scientist and Trainer

After completing her doctoral training in the UK, Dr Mutugi a geneticist, came home to Kenya recognizing that what was needed most in Kenya was the application of science and technology for those Kenyans who had no access to this information that could save their lives.  She became interested in HIV after loosing a close relative from the pandemic in 1999.  From then, other than lecturing in a public university in Kenya, Marion has devoted the last ten years to dissemination and advances of science to the less privileged in society, particularly women and children, who make up the majority of the rural and urban poor. Partnering with HEART has been one of the avenues of achieving this goal.


Kenya HEART Advocate